Message on trade and climate activities during the Paris COP (Dec 5-12)

Veille, par Lucile, Amélie Canonne

Message to international trade activists on trade and climate activities during COP21. As trade justice activists, we still believe that the climate crisis is rooted in an economic system producing, extracting, and emitting too much. International trade and investment rules lie at the heart of this system.

Paris/Berlin, 20 November 2015

Dear all,

For months, French and international trade activists worked together to bring a clear trade and investment message to the 2015 Paris climate conference, starting next week.

The Paris attacks on 13rd November deeply affected us and many new questions have suddendly emerged for French social movements this last week, including the most crucial one of what our democracy will become face to the State policy of war and surveillance.

But our struggle for equality, social and labour rights, real democracy and climate justice has not become less pressing.
As stated by the Coalition Climat 21 last Wednesday, « the world we have always defended is not the one we saw on that night. The world that we defend is one of peace, justice, the fight against inequality and climate change. »
« We have a duty to stand up and continue to fight for a just and liveable planet for all. »

As trade justice activists, we still believe that the climate crisis is rooted in an economic system producing, extracting, and emitting too much. International trade and investment rules lie at the heart of this system. Not only do trade deals like TTIP, CETA, TPP or the EPAs promote heavily emitting global supply chains, industrial agriculture and fossil fuel trade, they are also tying the hands of any government listening to the people and taking effective emission cutting actions to ensure our planet stays habitable. New agreements such as the Transatlantic and the Transpacific deals will even establish new tools enabling corporations to attack climate friendly policies locally, nationally and internationally.

Our struggle for trade and climate justice will not stop. We still believe that for meaningful climate action to be possible, international trade rules have to be completely re-worked, and current trade negotiations abandoned. Trade and investment liberalization is incompatible with a just and habitable planet for all.

Trade and Climate mobilisations during COP21

Despite the ban of the November 29 Climate March in Paris, this day remains a key date to make citizens and communities’ voices heard. This is a global day of action and hundreds of marches will take place throughout the world.

Therefore we hope you will join the marches which are going to take place in your country. This is even more important now that we won’t be able to march in Paris.
For those of you who will already be in Paris, the most likely alternative that will be proposed will be to occupy the foreseen itinerary (from République to Nation) with arts (collages, posters, stickers, paintings, « speaking trees »...) and social outreach initiatives (debates at the terraces of our cafés, small gatherings to play skits, tell poetry...). More information will come soon.

Moreover we still invite you to come and join the activities scheduled from the 5th to the 12th of December in Paris. The Climaforum (5-6) is confirmed in principle (even though we may have less rooms than expected but we will handle it !) and the Zone for Climate Action (7-11) as well. Our « trade-climate » activities - including a rally with Naomi Klein, will take place as well, even though there may be slight changes given the context.

The civil disobedience action scheduled the 12th has been banned too, but again, French and international groups are seeking alternative proposals to combine a presence in the public space and the security requirements. We will tell you more as soon as we know.

The movement for trade and climate justice is global and stronger than the disappointment to see our demonstrations and street actions banned. It is stronger than fear and short term policies. In Paris and beyond, system change, not climate change !

We are looking forward to seeing you in the streets everywhere in the world, and to meeting you in Paris.

Summary of trade climate activities

  • November 29 : Paris march cancelled. Other marches :
  • Dec 4 : Solution 21 (business summit), counter actions TBC
  • Dec 5/6 : Climaforum, including activities on trade
  • Dec 8 : convergence assembly trade/climate/corporate power
  • Dec 9 : trade/climate side event of the official negotiations - confirmed but with limited access
  • Dec 10 : rally with Naomi Klein
  • Dec 11/12 : alternatives to civil disobedience actions TBC

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